Ramadan during half Term

  • Date: 26/05/2017 - 03/06/2017
  • Airline: Royal Jordanian Airlines
  • Price: £1060.00 pp
  • 4 Sharing-£1060.00 pp
  • 3 Sharing- £1125.00 pp
  • 2 Sharing-£1195.00 pp

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Tour Eiffel Paris France

Ramadhan Package 1

  • Date: 11/06/17 - 28/06/17
  • Airline:Turkish AirLines
  • Price from:£1625.00 pp
  • 4 Sharing-£1,625.00
  • 3 Sharing-£1,745.00
  • 2 Sharing-£1,895.00

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Rabi Al Awal Package 5 *

  • Date: 27/11/17 - 08/12/17
  • Airline:TBC
  • Price from:£1,445.00 pp
  • 4 Sharing-£1,445.00
  • 3 Sharing-£1,545.00
  • 2 Sharing-£1,745.00

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Rabi Al Awal Pacakge 4 *

  • Date: 27/11/17 - 08/12/17
  • Airline:Turkish Airlines
  • Price from:£1095.00 pp
  • 4 Sharing-£1,095.00
  • 3 Sharing-£1,160.00
  • 2 Sharing-£1,260.00

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December Umrah Package 1 (5*)

  • Date: 22/12/17 - 03/01/18
  • Airline: TBC
  • Price From :£1,645.00
  • 4 Sharing-£1,645.00
  • 3 Sharing-£1,710.00
  • 2 Sharing-£1,840.00

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December Umrah Package 2 (4*)

  • Date: 22/12/17 - 03/01/18
  • Airline: TBC
  • Price: £1,450.00 pp
  • 4 Sharing-£1,450.00 pp
  • 3 Sharing- £1,550.00 pp
  • 2 Sharing-£1,680.00 pp

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Al Hijaz Tours Umrah Packages – Get ready for Once In a Lifetime Umrah Experience

Al-Hijaz team has experience  and it provides the most reliable and economical Umrah packages. Our large range of Umrah Packages allow us to meet the needs of various range of budgets and durations as all the umrah packages offered by Al Hijaz Tours are tailored to meet the specific requirements of the individuals. We have the best resources and personnel to meet your expectations and make your umrah journey, a memorable one through our umrah packages which are matched to none.

All our low cost umrah packages include return tickets and we offer economical accommodations ranging from 3 ,4 and  5 star hotels at a walking distance from Haramain Shirafain along with the air conditioned transportation for your travel requirements. Our low cost umrah packages are available throughout the year other than the hajj season and we always have busy days being one of the top umrah services providers with umrah packages in United Kingdom.

Al-Hijaz team works with an objective to be as much flexible as we can in the umrah packages. We have a thorough understanding that everyone has his/her own desires and financial circumstances and that is the reason we offer cheap umrah packages for different budgets and durations. Al Hijaz also let you choose most appropriate hotel according to your requirements from a wide range of hotel accommodations available with us. All the services in our umrah packages are remarkable for UK residents and that is the reason we are trusted by Muslim Community due to our  umrah packages.

Choose the Umrah Package you wish to Complete Your Holy Journey with Perfection with Alhijaz Tours

Due to large number of pilgrims visiting Makkah and Madina throughout the year, it is always advised to choose your umrah package from plenty of umrah packages available at Al Hijaz which suits you well before the desired date to avoid any inconvenience. Al Hijaz team is always ready to give you a thoughtful advice related to the best suitable umrah package and flight by keeping your budget in mind.

Choose one umrah package from the low cost umrah packages offered by us or let our team make Tailor made umrah package for you in order to take the hassle out of your holy umrah journey with our best, reliable and low cost umrah packages.

Umrah Packages 2017- Your Way Forward to Makkah and Madina

Umrah is considered as a minor Hajj and that is the reason Al Hijaz is giving you an opportunity to perform in this year through our Umrah Packages 2017. It is a journey to perform with gratitude, desire of love and forgiveness. The feeling one gets while performing it is unexplainable. Though it is not an obligatory act but still it has great importance of it. There are many rewards of it. Few of them are listed down:

Rewards of Umrah

  • Guest of Allah: Invitation of Umrah or Hajj is a blessing of Allah. It is a pleasure of being the guest of him. The one who enter the sacred city of Makkah comes in a protection Allah.
  • Equal to Jihad: One of the fellows of our prophet (PBUH) narrate that once Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) was asked about the people who wish for Jihad but are not capable of like children, women and old. He (PBUH) replied that for them Hajj and Umrah are equivalent of Jihad.
  • Taking away poverty: It becomes the source of removing poverty from one’s life. Many of the people don’t perform it with this intention instead they intend for forgiveness and blessings. But Abu Huraira (RA) narrated the Prophet (PBUH) saying that the one who performs Umrah consecutively, their sins and poverty is removed from their life.
  • Sins are forgiven: The one who will perform Hajj or Umrah with complete devotion will be forgiven. His sins will be wiped of like he hasn’t done any. And Allah is most merciful.

Exciting Umrah Packages in Ramadan

It is true that the one who performs Umrah in Ramadan will be accompanied by Prophet (PBUH) and it is very virtuous, it has same rewards like Hajj. But keep it in mind that it is not the substitute of Hajj because it is obligatory for everyone who can afford it. No matter you are looking for Ramadan Umrah Packages or other ones, you can easily find the Best Umrah Packages .

Obligatory rites of Umrah Served by our Cheap Umrah Packages

Umrah is to enter in the city of Makkah in the state of Ihram, performing Tawaf then Saee. After drinking Zamzam to the fill, one shaves his head, women are advised to trim their hairs equal to the finger tip. Then they remove Ihram. Are you the one finding Cheap Umrah Packages 2017? Then al Hijaz Tours is here at your service for providing affordable Umrah Packages.Our Umrah Packages 2017 are budget friendly and organized by the team of experts.

We Offer, We Promise, We Deliver

Many travel agents show you the best deals and discounts, offering accommodation in luxury 5 star hotels, but in reality they have nothing do with these facilities. You will pay all your dues and then you will come to know that there will be no luxury facilities for you as promised. In order to avoid these types of situations, one should choose Umrah Packages with reliable agent and make sure that you don’t pay anything extra other than the facilities being offered. Al Hijaz tours as a registered and licensed company is offering you multiple deals this year to make your tour memorable. Based on our past experience of more than 10 years, we will make sure that your journey from UK to Makkah and Madina will complete without any worries and you don’t have to face any trouble. Trust us and book your Umrah Package with us today to get the blessings of Allah.

Umrah Packages with Tickets from top Airlines of the World

Umrah is a life time journey, praise Allah and seek forgiveness after having the safe flight from UK to Jeddah or Madina. Be careful about the prohibitions in the state of Ihram. Memorize all important duas and be attentive towards your prayers. Perform your journey with devotion, you are presenting yourself in front of your creator, the one who is the only worth of worship. Through your devotion and pure intentions you will be able to seek forgiveness. Try to help your fellow pilgrims wherever you are capable of doing so. In order to have a memorable experience of your journey choose Umrah Packages with flights through one of the top travel agency in United Kingdom. We assure the excellence of our services and our professional experts are trained enough to guide you with the best recommendations regarding deals of Umrah Packages.

Realization is something that can wipe away all your sins and shows that your heart still possess some kindness in it. There is no human being who is exempted from the sins but repenting on them at the right time is what matters. Allah Almighty is the most kind and merciful, despite of our sins he guide us to the right path and forgive us on the behalf of single tear we shed in front of him with pure intention. Plan your journey of Umrah or Hajj with Al Hijaz Tours and spend time in the most sacred cities of Makkah and Madina.

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