Human Dignity in Islam

Human dignity is the grace of Allah on an individual, though the nearest to everyone through the jugular vein there are some who are nearest to him because of their dignity. Only Allah is a judge which can distinguish between the people who have real intentions and compassion for Allah and those who are ignorant. The real honor only belongs to Him and no one else can have that ever. An individual is given his life and a proper guide to it so spend it wisely. Al Hijaz Tours has offered umrah packages with flights which will let you avail the best opportunity to fulfill your desire of performing Umrah this year.

Your life is like a product you have bought and unaware of its usage but there is a user manual you can use to learn the proper use of a product. In the same way, you have a life of Prophet (PBUH) as a role model and a divine book Quran which explains everything about life and helps to identify your purpose of life. Life has a challenging nature, every time in every phase of life you will be challenged by it but this how a learning process of a person starts. And a personality is turned out only when you pass through different phases of life, your experiences mature you.

And these are the phases when human dignity and integrity is tested, so react according to the true teachings of Islam. Remember that you are being watched and tested at every moment so act according to the truthfulness of Islam.

Its better late than never, so select your Umrah Packages now. Life is surprising and you never know when you will get another chance. So, don’t depend on coming tomorrow instead avail the opportunity that is knocking on your door today to book Umrah Packages with flights from Birmingham.

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