Get Umrah Packages from London and gain countless blessings.

Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam and has more importance than Umrah. Even it is not compulsory, one should not waste the opportunity coming his way. Hajj is obligatory for those who are capable both financially and physically. It is not easy to take up for everyone. That’s why people prefer Umrah and it’s been more convenient than before because of travel agencies providing Umrah Packages from London and other cities. Through these packages you can get fully guided tours to Makkah and Madina. Arrangements of the tour are a time taking task but if you choose Hajj or Umrah Packages then it would be the responsibility of the experts.

Umrah is one of the good deeds from all. It has many virtues and every rite of Umrah has its own significance. Ihram, Tawaf, Saee and shaving of head are the basic rites of Umrah. One should perform all these rituals with devotion and enthusiasm. This little hardship will lead you to the cleansing of your soul from the sins. The first and most important ritual of it is Ihram.

Ihram and its significance

In rituals of Umrah and Hajj packages, Ihram is the first rite. People wear Ihram at the place of Meeqat and make intention. It is not just a random dress code to follow. These two white pieces of clothes holds a special importance in a pilgrim’s life. Its white color indicated the purity. In the state of Ihram one is protected by Allah. Before assuming Ihram it is commanded to take bath. This dress code is only for males. Females are allowed to wear their casual dresses while uncovering face and hands. There are certain things prohibited in state of Ihram like perfume, hunting, cutting or plucking hairs etc.

You can choose any of the Umrah Packages and make your trip memorable. Al Hijaz Tours is providing fully guided and Cheap Umrah Packages from London. A chance of Umrah is blessing from Allah, avail it and let us be the source of your sacred journey.

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