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Umrah is no obligatory or compulsory reverence, yet it holds very strong religious value in the heart of Muslim ummah. No matter what their socioeconomic condition is, it is however in their heart that one day they will go “there” and offer their religious duty. Even if a person living in a very poor condition and is barely able to make both ends meet, even in his heart there is a strong wish to be able to witness those holy and sacred places. Such is the importance of Hajj and Umrah in the heart of Muslim ummah. The interesting thing is that this strong feeling is not only when you are doing it for the first time.

The moment you have performed the ritual and came back you would want to go there again and again. Those few days of your life you spent in Makkah and Medina is way more different from your daily life. Muslims from all over the world gather at one place for one purpose only and that is the forgiveness of Allah and to get atone for their sins. This creates a bond and intimacy with Allah which is then cherished forever and this is also the reason why it has such sentimental value. However, Umra is not an easy or small task. You have to travel to another country and spend a few days there.
To go and spend a few days in another country could be a very hard task at the same time. One person cannot handle everything especially when he has no idea about how everything works in a different country. One would certainly be about how to handle everything. Where to live and what place would be appropriate to live. How should be transported managed?
What airline to choose and especially so importantly what if I make the wrong decision and any inconvenience happens. Al-hijaz Tour saves you from any kind of inconvenience and offer you the most low cost and yet luxurious Umra packages. We present you 3,4 and 5 star Umrah packages with best services. Our specialty is that we do not let our customers face even mild inconvenience and take care of them. In a country where there is a language barrier, it is considered hard to have such a pleasant experience where you would not be bothered at all.
Selection of the right airline is also important in order to avoid any sort of inconvenience but if you have booked us then the selection of the airline is not your problem. Similarly, accommodation is also an important thing as it decides where are you going to live and spend most of your time so it better be comfortable.
The other thing that should be kept in mind while deciding for accommodation is that the distance between the Harram and your hotel should be minimal in order to minimize the inconvenience. We provide the best accommodation services consisting of 3,4 and 5 stars. The next important step is transportation as one has to go to places for the sake of completion of umbra and transportation in an unknown city could be difficult and therefore, for your ease, this is also covered in our Umra packages because to make your trip memorable and cherishable is our commitment. UMRAH PACKAGES

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