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Praise the Glory of Allah in Mecca with cheap 5-star hajj packages

All praise to Almighty and all superiority belong to him. You feel this sentence in you when you enter in the field of Mecca. You have a firm belief in his existence and unicity. This faith creates an urge in you to get nearer to him. You wish to see those streets where his Prophet Muhammad lived his life. All these religious sentiments are regarded by Al-Hijaz Tours. All your devotion towards your religion is highly appreciated and their aim is to facilitate you with the best of their performance. Imagine the atmosphere when you would be reciting the Quran by leaning on with the wall of Masjid al-Haram. That time would be only the time when you will have a conversation with your Almighty and no one would be there to disturb you. That would be the time when you will feel sanity in you. Read More

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Achieve Blessings from God in reward of 5 star Hajj Packages

AlHijaz offers 5-star Hajj Packages 2019 to provide you complete comfort in your journey. Approximately more than two million Muslims from all over the world pack their luggage every year for visiting a sacred place. It is testified by many that when Muslims reach there, they find a meaning of their existence. Muslim shape their understanding of religion. AlHijaz tours help fellows in getting nearer to Allah and in expressing everything before him. Read More

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Exclusive deal for economic Umrah Packages 2018 by Al-Hijaz tours

The gratuity and perks of the Umrah are enormous, which may with no inconvenience be followed in the light and teaching of Holy Quran and obviously, from the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). The rewards of the Umrah are endless infinite and fathomless for the Muslims. Cheap Fares packages give you new private contracted ventilated transports coordinate and proper direction amid and before your performance. We intend to help you in the best way by facilitating you at maximum extent in your tour by designing and providing astonishing Packages deal. Individuals planning for your tour are very much aware of the services which are going to be furnished via Umrah Packages. You can expect everything from cheap fares packages in special Umrah Packages 2018 by Al-Hijaz tours.

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With Al-Hijaz Make A Tour To Holy Land Makah For Performing Umrah Packages 2018

Al-hijaz knows that Umrah is ultimate act of worship for any Muslim. The follower of Allah Almighty knows, everybody has to make a pilgrimage to Makkah for performing their Umrah. Muslims who lives in a Muslim country can avail a lot of packages as the season of Hajj and Umrah is started, but who lives in Non-Muslims countries some time face problem about the travel but they need not to worry about their holy tours. So that we make an idea to provide our services Muslims who may live any were in the world. Muslims who decide to carry Umrah will usually do it either just before or after the Hajj but it’s depend on your wishes either you want to perform it at the time of Hajj or in any month in the year. It’s similar to Hajj. As we know that Umrah is not obligatory but it’s highly recommended for the Muslims who can afford.

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Al-hijaz Tours a mission of connecting people and places and blessings of Rabbi Ul Awal Umrah packages 2108

In this month the 12th of Rabi-ul-Awal is known’s as the birth date of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).So we can easily said that it’s the month of true blessing for all the world. Rabi-ul-Awal is remarkable for Known as the month of Hazart Muhammad (S.A). It’s the month in which our Holy prophet began the Journey of Hijrah and built the very first Masjid of Islam .The name of mosque is Masjid-e-Quba. It’s the birth month of Holy prophet (PBUH). It also called the month of calibration for the Muslims. Al-hijaz provides our Muslims to performed Umrah in this Holy month at lowest possible rates that suitable as your budget.

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Importance of Hajj in Islam-5 star hajj package (27days) 2019 through Al-Hijaz Tours

Hajj is a journey towards ALLAH which tends to change everything in your life. Pilgrimage to the house is a duty of Muslims towards ALLAH. It is obligated for the Muslims to complete the Hajj for ALLAH. An important proviso for Hajj being obligatory on everyone is his financial fitness. Performing Hajj in 2019 has become very easy as far as a financial concern. Because of the availability of hundreds and thousands of travel agents, Hajj is able to get extremely budget 5-star hajj package (27days) 2019. This is the period you should freely complete all the rituals and ziyaarat with us. The importance of Hajj in Islam is that it is the fifth pillar of faith and it is a symbol of unity amongst Muslims. So if you are planning this year for Hajj, Al-Hijaz offering you 5-star hajj package (27 days) 2019.

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Guidelines for Hajj with Hajj Packages 2018

United Kingdom cities including London and Birmingham have an altogether different weather condition than Makkah and Madina. UK Muslims have to face intense eat during their tour and they need to carry the right clothing with comfortable footwear for a worry-free tour. Al Hijaz team not only provides the reliable 5-star Hajj packages 2019 but also offer the guidelines which help you throughout the tour.

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Low Cost Hajj Packages to plan a convenient Hajj journey

Hajj is among the five pillars of Islam and it is an obligation for every Muslim who is healthy and can afford the expenses of Hajj. It is a journey which carries huge importance and significance in Islam and all the rites and rituals of Hajj are of extreme religious importance. Due to the huge importance of Hajj, all the Muslims need to plan journey with complete dedication. Al Hijaz is working to offer low cost Hajj Packages which can help the UK Muslims in performing this blessed voyage.

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Low Cost Hajj Packages 2018

Top 10 Tips to perform Hajj or Umrah conveniently with kids

Every Muslim has a desire to perform Umrah and Hajj and that too with the complete family. Doing Umrah or Hajj with family especially kids can be a cumbersome task especially if you are doing it in the hot weather. You must make the right strategy to make sure that you travel with the kids after taking all the necessary belongings. Most important thing which you need to consider is to make sure that you stay close to the Haram so you can easily commute for the rituals and prayers. Al Hijaz offers the Low Cost Hajj packages 2018 to facilitate you completely during your Hajj this year.

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Hajj Packages with flights

The Noble Book of Quran

Quran is the book which is recognized worldwide, translated in many languages that are read and spoken around the world. This book is special because it was revealed for Prophet (PBUH). Muslims get guidance on the life matters from this noble book. The other specialty of this book is that it covers every matter of life. There is mentioned solution of every problem. We just need to understand it deeply. People who have researched about it have given some very noble remarks on it. Even though after 1400 years of the revelation, the subject of the book is same and no change have occurred in it.Choose the most suitable hajj Packages with flights for you or your family. We admire your contribution in our services you put by giving your feedback and useful suggestions.

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Hajj packages Deals

The Chase of Happiness

Everyone have their own definition of happiness. True of them is one which involves satisfaction of heart. Human beings are the creature who have unlimited list of wishes and the one who complaints on not fulfilling one wish will never be satisfied. On the other hand there are people who try to figure out a solution instead of complaining are the one happiest.  Happiness is not something to chase for, it is to feel, happy are those who know to celebrate every little moment and are most grateful. Hajj Packages Deals can be the source of happiness when chosen with Al Hijaz Tours.

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Hajj Umrah Company 2017

Tolerance of Prophet Towards other Religions

So called Muslims have now become so aggressive that they will proudly kill someone on the behalf of religion where as Prophet (PBUH) clearly stated that:

“Whoever kills a person who has a truce with the Muslims will never smell the fragrance of Paradise.” (Saheeh Muslim)

Prophet (PBUH) was sent as a mercy on whole mankind. He spread the message of truthfulness to the people and urged them to follow the right path. Al Hijaz Tours is the only Hajj Umrah Company 2017 who has been arranging most amazing tours for pilgrims. Prophet (PBUH) advised his fellows to be tolerant towards people from other religions.

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Shifting Hajj Package

Hajj – A journey of peace

Hajj is a journey which tends to change everything in your life. No matter, who you are and what you are going through, when you plan journey of Hajj choosing Shifting Hajj Package it completely change your life. Muslims from all around the world in a same dress head towards the destination. When you stand with others regardless of their cast and respond to the same Allah, obey his orders, it’s when all of your arrogance vanish away. Makkah and Madina are the two holiest cities and visiting them for the sake of Allah is another blessing for everyone.

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Hajj Umrah Packages 2017

Islamic Influence on Science

While you book your Hajj and Umrah Packages online, have you ever realized that you have this facility because of the science? Science is actually a discovery of various Muslim scientists. Algebra, al-chemistry and medicine were introduced by Muslim scientists. A religion which focus on peace and cure can never promote war against anything. In fact prophet (PBUH) was commanded of the battle when things got out of control. Muslims were those who found the way to ignite fire. They got the solutions of problems they were facing. We were excelling in the field of knowledge and learning when we were ruling on the world. It was not that they were dying from hunger but they were following the message of Prophet (PBUH) who has asked them to observe, learn and grow.

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Low Cost Hajj Packages 2017

Choose the best and Low Cost Hajj Packages 2017 from Al Hijaz Tours.

Hajj is one of the demanding journeys of life. It is quite expensive as compare to Umrah but the Muslims who can afford it have no exemption on it. People travel to Makkah and Madina for the sake of worship and blessings of Allah. It is once a lifetime journey. An individual who is spending his money on it, definitely he/she wants it to be perfect in every way. Due to the lack of information Muslims face many troubles throughout their journey. With the increasing number of pilgrims, the quantity of travel agencies is also increasing.  While you are finding Low Cost Hajj Packages 2017, select the travel agency carefully. Check if the company is registered or not.  Make list of the registered companies and never go for the unlicensed company.

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Best Hajj Packages

How to choose the best Hajj package?

Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam. It purifies the heart and soul of a person. Exemption of this obligation is only for those who cannot afford it financially and physically. Enough investment is required for this tour and in case you don’t get what was promised, it is really disappointing. So, to be safe choose any reliable agent for Best Hajj Package. Evaluate your needs and budget before you make a deal with agent. Read More

Low Cost Hajj Tours

Get Blessings of hajj through our Low Cost Hajj Tours.

As we all know Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam and is obligatory for everyone one who is stable both as financially and physically. This tour is little expensive but there are many companies providing Low Cost Hajj Tours on less possible rates.  When someone plans for Umrah or Hajj Tours, he/she should be aware of the benefits and virtues of it.
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Hajj Umrah Company

Most Reliable Hajj Umrah Company – Providing Hajj and Umrah Packages within your Budget

Al Hijaz Tours is one of the most promising Hajj Umrah Company, which takes care of every single facility during your spiritual journey. Right from the travel to the stay, we provide everything according to your requirement. We always prefer your ease and convenience and in order to maintain our services, we need your cooperation. We have designed budget friendly Hajj Packages and Umrah Packages by considering your needs and requirements.

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Hajj Umrah Packages 2017

Hajj and Umrah Packages 2017 to make you’re travelling easier.

Hajj and Umrah are the deeds which let you purify your soul and remove poverty from your life. It is the blessing of Allah if he is rewarding you with the opportunity to perform Hajj and Umrah. If you are able to perform your daily routine tasks then you are surely capable of performing Hajj and Umrah. Al Hijaz tours have arranged Hajj Umrah Packages 2017 considering your requirements in their mind.

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Hajj Package 2017

Hajj package 2017- Hajj is like a revision of our Iman. It cleans our soul like a new born baby

Hajj is the 5th pillar of Islam and it is obligatory for everyone, only those are exempted who are unfit by health and wealth. It gives a chance to restart our life by cleaning our past sins. Every ritual of Hajj has its own importance few of them are Tawaf around the Kabaa and Al-Safa and Al-Marwa, Stonning the devil, Travelling to Mina, Arafaat and Muzdalfah, Sacrificing animal on 10th zilhajj. This sacrifice tells us about the love and affection of Hazrat Ibraheem toward Allah. These all rituals teach us patience, sacrifice, honesty, forgiving others, certain love and affection for Allah.

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