Special Rabbi Al Awal Umrah package

Experience the Special Rabi-al-Awal Umrah package deal by availing limited facilities. Al-Hijaz tours are renowned for its unmatched level of services and facilities across the UK. Holy Prophet (PBUH) led the mankind from darkness towards light, and is known as “Mercy to all the worlds.” The importance of the day is just because of the birth of beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Muslims all over the world celebrate 12th Rabi-al-Awal with great reverence and devotion. This is done as a reminder of Prophet’s Seerah and Sunnah. Allah ordered us to follow the footsteps of our beloved prophet apostle in following words;

There has certainly been for you in the Messenger of the Lord an excellent pattern for everyone whose hope is in Allah and the Last Day, the Day of Judgment and [who] remembers Allah often’’.
Lifestyle for the next age group
Parents of all the Muslims should eloquent the stories of our last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to their children. The stories which discard light on the mixture of aspects of Prophet’s life like early days, youth, and his adult life. This will catch fire the fire of love in children’s heart. Let His (PBUH )stories of life be an inspiration of light for the future generations so that they learn to teach and stay united, peaceful and in a union.
Get everything from us
Al Hijaz Tours provide you top flight tickets from the city of UK including Manchester, Birmingham to Jeddah and Madina, and London Heathrow, for Muslims to perform their duty easily. We also provide top-notch services and facilities as we promise to you in our exclusive Rabbi al Awal Umrah packages that make us the leading holy provision travel agency in the UK. In our holy deals include deluxe accommodation for the trip in look for of people for their Rabi-al-Awal Umrah package. These Umrah packages are conforming cheaper and economy rates with all the 5-star services and facilities that are necessary for a holy tour with us. 5-star hotel room stays with top facilities will be provided in these exclusive holy packages. We provide all the up to date services and facilities along with attractive suites through your voyage with us.
Idea of Celebration
The main idea following all the celebrations on the birthday is for instilling the principles, values and moral codes proficient by our last Prophet (PBUH). This serves as a reason for bringing Muslims closer to the teachings of Islam and the Prophet’s way of life. It is a souvenir for the peoples that our last Prophet is the blessing for the whole universe. His teaching of behaving well with others and patience is a big inspiration for forgiving the antagonistic enemies. For past years, the festivity of this month has raised on another height in which some of the biddah has been induced. This observe is not a good idea to enjoy yourself the birth of Allah’s Apostle (PBUH) as it not only troubles the basic teachings of Islam but also misleads the Muslim youth towards incorrect directions.

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