Hajj – A journey of peace

Hajj is a journey which tends to change everything in your life. No matter, who you are and what you are going through, when you plan journey of Hajj choosing Shifting Hajj Package it completely change your life. Muslims from all around the world in a same dress head towards the destination. When you stand with others regardless of their cast and respond to the same Allah, obey his orders, it’s when all of your arrogance vanish away. Makkah and Madina are the two holiest cities and visiting them for the sake of Allah is another blessing for everyone.

You should feel lucky if you have been chosen for Hajj this year. It is basically a journey of celebration, celebration of love and peace. While you are in midst of you daily life problems but you will definitely feel a peace of mind throughout your journey. Have you ever dreamed about getting to the place of transformation? I have seen various people who have been transformed after the Hajj. This journey lets you forget your fears, your doubts and helps you find out the way for everything.

If you are the one looking for the peace of mind and want to have sometime other than your busy schedules then Shifting Hajj Package are for you. Al Hijaz Tours tends to meet all the demands and necessities of their customers. We make it possible for the Muslims of UK to fulfill their dream within their budget. Our team has crafted all the deals keeping your convenience on the top of their priorities. Our responsibility is to make you comfortable throughout your journey.

Our Hajj packages are inclusive of visa, air ticket, accommodation, demonstration of rituals and a local guide. We will accompany you from the beginning till the end of your journey. To make sure your journey this year, book your packages in advance so that you wouldn’t have to face any inconvenience during the bookings.

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