Plan out for Ramadan through our Ramadan Umrah Packages

Umrah is a journey which is a dream one for every Muslim. Umrah in Ramadan is of more importance for the people and they usually like to perform Umrah in Ramadan to get more blessings. Al Hijaz is working to provide you the Hajj and Umrah services and our Ramadan Umrah Package 2018 are booked by a large number of people each year. We understand the importance of this month and journey and offer the packages which are perfectly suitable to make this journey and its arrangements perfect for you. You don’t need to worry about anything as we make all the tours perfect for you including Hotel Bookings, flight reservations, and other arrangements.

Umrah demands you to be ready and in state of Ihram. You must take care of the cleanliness and cover yourself in unstitched clothing for the Umrah journey. Women must wear the clothes which cover them. Muslims must wear ihram before crossing miquat and you can either wear it from your home or wear it in the airplane. No matter which package you choose, we always make the best arrangements for you and take you towards the holy journey with perfection.

We know people have commitments and that’s why we offer short as well long Ramadan Umrah Packages to satisfy the requirements of everyone. We treat all our guests on top priority and offer the arrangements which fulfill the requirements and wishes of everyone. You need to provide us your requirements and we have the experts who can design a special custom package for you and satisfy all your requirements with the package. We are best in our work and our services are well recognized and encouraged by all the people in United Kingdom. If your wish is to choose the right Umrah Package for you, then you must contact us for making the right decision.

Spend Ramadan in Makkah through our Ramadan Umrah Package 2018 :

Umrah is an important voyage for every Muslim and same is the case with Muslims residing in United Kingdom. Al Hijaz is facilitating UK Muslims with our Ramadan Umrah Packages  and all these packages are offered at economical rates to make them suitable for everyone. You must make sure that you take care of yourself and others and perform each ritual with full devotion and dedication. People sometimes stand in Tawaf area to make a picture which makes it difficult for the other pilgrims.

Our religion teach us to help each other so while performing Umrah, we must make sure that we don’t push anybody and try to help the people as much as possible. Ramadan is a tough month and performing Umrah in Ramadan requires extra strength. You need to make sure that you perform your tour with all the considerations for others. All the documents which you carry during your journey are important ones, and you need to keep them with special care and make sure that you have extra copies of these documents with you.

Making a contact with loved ones is important. Although hotels provide wi-fi services due to which you can keep yourself connected with other people. But you can also get Saudi Sim card which will help you to stay connected with other people even if you don’t have a working internet connection. You need to make sure that phones are working for men and women as women and men needs to be isolated during different times and you may find the need to be connected with each other. You must also make sure that you keep yourself in a pair or group to avoid any kind of inconvenience. We at Al Hijaz are working hard to provide you the Packages which take care of all your requirements. If you are looking to perform Umrah in Ramadan, this year, then make your booking early through any of our Ramadan Umrah Package 2018 as seats are limited in the holiest month of Ramadan.


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