Rabbi Al Awal Umrah Packages 2018 by AL-Hijaz Tours

All the Muslims lives anywhere in the world known the impotence of Rabbi Al Awal Umrah Packages 2018. It’s the birth month of Holy prophet (PBUH) .it also called the month of calibration for the Muslims. Allah almighty blessed the world with the birth of His best creation in this month. Rabbi Al Awal is not exceptional for being the month of our prophet .but it’s the month in which our Holy prophet began the Journey of Hijrah and built the very first Masjid of Islam .The name of mosque is Masjid-e-Quba. The first jummah prayer was established in this month. In this month the 12th of Rabbi Al Awal is known as the birth date of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).So we can easily said that it’s the month of true blessing for all the world. In this special ocean of the blessing month everyone wants to go for Umrah because through this the level of blessing can be increased. AL-HIJAJ Tours provides our Muslims brothers and sisters to performed Umrah in this Holy month at lowest possible rates. Our aim is to facilitate our clients reservation along with complete deals for Umrah. Our expert and dedicated team will recommend you all the possible accommodations.

Why you chose AL-HIJAJ.

·         WE have a very relation with our customer’s number of Years.
·         Hassle Free Booking is also part of our mission
·         Low cost Umrah Packages is main focus
·         No Compromise on Quality & Services in our first priority
·         Friendly Umrah Experts are became the part of our journey
·         Hotels will close to the Haram Mosque
·         We will beat Your Best Price and will provide our best services
·         24 Hours Customer Support is the mission of our team.

AL-HIJAJ Tours packages:

Al-HIJAZ Tours offers to their clients great and wide range of Umrah package with 3.4 and 5 stars hotels in Makkah and medina. Clients can easily afford our aim is the clients who contacted with us undertake their journey of life in minimum cost. The main effort of our services is to provide our clients maximum opportunities as well. Packages of our Umrah have different rates and range in the given packages clients can get luxury to very lowest rates. The luxury that will become the part of our mission consists of lavish and number of valuable facilities. The availability of services like high level hotels and comfortable private transport.

Packages cost




Departure: 17-11-2018

  • Madinah Hotel: dar Al Tayibah
  • Check in: 17-11-2018
  • Check out : 23-11-2018
  • Board Basis : R/O
  • Location: Markaziah ,Abizar street.

   Return: 28-11-2018

  • Makkah Hotel : Kiswa 4*
  • Check in: 23-11-2018
  • Check out : 28-11-2018
  • Board Basis : R/O
  • Location : At Taysir, mecca 24231, Saudi Arabia

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