5 Important guidelines for your Umrah

Many people travel to the holy cities of Makkah and Madina for their Umrah each year and they have lots of questions and worries in mind when they opt to go for the Umrah. Al Hijaz tours want to get all the things covered and that is the reason we have come up with the low cost Umrah Packages 2018. We are offering different packages to entertain the queries and requirements of everyone and that’s the reason, we are regarded as the number 1 Umrah travel agent in UK with our reliable and affordable services for Hajj and Umrah. Some of guidelines for Umrah pilgrims are:

Keep patience

You have to deal with the large number of people during the journey so you need t keep patience. You also need to be tolerant and persistent and make sure that you deal everyone politely. You are visiting the house of Allah and you must think of the blessings which you get through this tour.

Have physical checkup and keep yourself fit

You need to walk a lot during the Umrah journey from uk so you must make sure that you get yourself physically checked and make up your mind. Keep all the necessary medications with you which you may need any time during the tour. It is also good to keep a bottle of drinking water with you during the rituals.

Put unique labels on Valuables

You will be able to identify your valuables easily if you put unique labels on them. Make sure to mark each baggage with unique label to keep their identification right throughout the journey.

Carry proper clothing

You need to make sure that you take extra clothes with you along with the comfortable footwear. Make sure to take the clothing with you who help you to walk and perform Ibadah conveniently.

Keep essentials in your Hand carry

Make sure that you keep the essentials in your hand carry like passport, documentations, water bottle, snacks or any other thing which you may need from time to time.

For any other assistance or booking, feel free to avail our low cost Umrah Packages 2018 for a hassle free journey.

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