Get Blessings of hajj through our Low Cost Hajj Tours.

As we all know Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam and is obligatory for everyone one who is stable both as financially and physically. This tour is little expensive but there are many companies providing Low Cost Hajj Tours on less possible rates.  When someone plans for Umrah or Hajj Tours, he/she should be aware of the benefits and virtues of it.

Well this article will highlight some great virtues of Hajj :

  • It is kind of Jihad for Muslims and specially for women as once Prophet (PBUH) said that for Women Hajj is Jihad where there no fighting is involved.
  • The one who performs Hajj and do not commit any sin during will return as a free man (free from sins).
  • All Pilgrims are guests of Allah and they are in protection of Him throughout their journey.
  • Rituals of Hajj are performed in remembrance of Allah. All of them carry their own importance which establishes more love for Allah in ones heart.
  • People from different regions gather at one place, show love and affection for each other. It brings them close and develops a sense of harmony among them.
  • They wear same Ihram which shows unity and equality, perform same actions in a same manner showing there humbleness towards Allah.
  • It gives a chance to develop more relationships. There may be many things that benefit you in your business or personal life.
  • It teaches you sacrifice, serving the poor and spreading love for humanity.
  • According to our Prophet (PBUH) it is one of the most superior deeds.
  • Saee is the ritual which shows us the love of mother for her child that she ran through Safa and Marwa without even caring about hot weather of desert. So the one who loves us more than 70 mothers, how pure his love would be.
  • Throwing pebbles in Jamraat teaches us the obedience of Allah. A believe that there is wisdom behind his every act.
  • Ultimately, every act during Hajj brings spiritual and moral changes in ones personality.
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