Low Cost Hajj Packages to plan a convenient Hajj journey

Hajj is among the five pillars of Islam and it is an obligation for every Muslim who is healthy and can afford the expenses of Hajj. It is a journey which carries huge importance and significance in Islam and all the rites and rituals of Hajj are of extreme religious importance. Due to the huge importance of Hajj, all the Muslims need to plan journey with complete dedication. Al Hijaz is working to offer low cost Hajj Packages which can help the UK Muslims in performing this blessed voyage.

Some of the things which can help you in planning your Hajj conveniently are as follows:

Choose the best Hajj Travel Agency

Hajj is the most important journey of someone’s life, so it is important that you plan it perfectly. Hajj is the pilgrimage which is performed in the month of Zulhijjah so you need to book the airline tickets, transfers, visa processing and accommodations in advance. Choosing the right and experienced travel agent is essential, and you need to make sure that you get connected with the best agency in business. Al Hijaz is one of the pioneers in UK which start offering reliable packages for the Hajj pilgrims. Your tour to Makkah and Madina is of extreme importance. Only the best and highly experienced travel agent can make the perfect arrangements for you for this very important journey.

Make a checklist

Making a check list will help you to take all the important things with you. You can take dry food items like nuts, dates etc with you. Reusable water bottles are also a good option to carry with you. Clothing is important so make sure that you take the clothing according to the season. Keep comfortable clothing specially the footwear must be very convenient to walk. Take ihram with you and women must carry abaya with them. It is always a good idea to keep extra ihram and abaya with you in case of any need.

You also need to keep the necessary medications with you. Keep the charger of your phone along with the lotion, hand sanitizer and other items which you may need during the tour. Prayer mat, dua book, pen and notebook are also important to carry with you. You also need to discuss about your Hajj tour with Al Hijaz team as you can get valuable advice from them. If you are planning for Hajj in the current year, then feel free to explore our exclusive low cost Hajj Packages for the year 2018.

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