Top 10 Tips to perform Hajj or Umrah conveniently with kids

Every Muslim has a desire to perform Umrah and Hajj and that too with the complete family. Doing Umrah or Hajj with family especially kids can be a cumbersome task especially if you are doing it in the hot weather. You must make the right strategy to make sure that you travel with the kids after taking all the necessary belongings. Most important thing which you need to consider is to make sure that you stay close to the Haram so you can easily commute for the rituals and prayers. Al Hijaz offers the Low Cost Hajj packages 2018 to facilitate you completely during your Hajj this year.

Some of the tips which can help you have a convenient journey with your kids are:

Start the preparations well before the journey

You need to make sure that you start preparing for the tour well before the dates and make sure that you keep telling kids about the rituals and duas.

Make the travel plan accordingly

Make sure that the travel plan is according to the needs of your family and kids. Keep all the necessary things in your traveling which your kids may need during the tour.

Keep travel anxieties in mind

Travel may cause anxiety, so both the parents must make sure that they provide helping hand to the each other to make journey convenient for the kids.

Pack all the essentials

You need to be extra careful while travelling with kids and pack all the necessary things like clothing, comfortable footwear, eatables, water bottle etc.

Use wheelchair

Make sure to use wheelchair for the kids rather than holding them and getting exhausted.

Think about the future matters in advance

You need to make sure that you keep thinking about the future events and keep yourself prepared in advance. Keep tissues, snacks, medicines or other related things with you in case of any urgent need.

Get the best Suitable Hotel Accommodation

You need to make sure that you get the best hotel accommodation within your budget. We at Al Hijaz Tours are offering top class accommodations in our Low Cost Hajj Packages 2018, so you can avail them.

Keep reviewing Spiritual goals

You need to keep reviewing the spiritual goals every day. Keep things realistic and perform every ritual by keep your family conditions in mind.

Spend extra time wisely

You need to make sure that you spend the extra time wisely. Keep a balance between prayers and rest as you have to manage yourself the kids.

Get Blessings

Hajj is an obligation which is the best way to get blessings of Allah. Plan your Low Cost Hajj Packages 2018 and get these blessings with our best packages in the current year.

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