Hajj and Umrah with Devotion and Dignity.

Scientists have failed in developing the time machine. Otherwise many would have gone to the era of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and observe everything with their own eyes. Well we still have a chance of feeling the presence of Prophet (PBUH). As we can visit his two hometowns, he used to live. Plan for it choose any of the Hajj and Umrah Tours and fly to the holiest cities on earth. Though many things have been changed from then but if we will perform our Hajj or Umrah with devotion and dignity we can get a close feeling of being blessed.

One who enters in the Holy Mosque is then protected by Allah Almighty. There are obligatory rituals of Hajj and Umrah taught by Muhammad (PBUH) and one should learn them before performing.  Unfortunately many people are completely blank when they reach to the destination. It is because they don’t have enough information on the formalities of Hajj.

Both of the journeys are considered as the expression of love towards Allah. Hajj is obligatory while Umrah is Sunnah but Muslims have certain affection for the sacred land of Makkah. At the moment Talbiyah is announced verbally, one is accepting to present himself to Allah.Proof of handing himself over to Allah is Tawaf, where a person encircles around Kaaba seven times without questioning the concept behind it. He is bound to avoid every kind of sin small or big when he assumes Ihram.

This tour brings countless blessings with it. It has many rewards of performing it. The most important is your attention and focus, be attentive to your Creator only this way you will be rewarded in a best way.
Hajj and Umrah Tours are comparatively very convenient now days. In past only preparation would have take many months. Make your Hajj and Umrah Tours memorable and comfortable through Al Hijaz Tours.

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