Prayer, a Necessary Part of Life| Umrah Packages 2018

Human being is bound to his wishes and if appropriate it is always fulfilled by the Lord. Meaning of making a sincere wish is to be grateful to him first for what you already have. Muhammad’s (PBUH) Ummah is safe not because of their deeds but because of the prayers of Prophet (PBUH), his tears he shed for us in the darkest nights. He was the one to show his nation a way to love, live and pray.
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Your prayers are his treat and he would never disappoint you because he loves you even more when you seek his help in your matters. Yes, we know that fate is already written, but a prayer can always change it at the last moment. Remembrance of Allah can do the wonders that are completely impossible. Be thankful to him for what you have, and pray for ease in uncertainties of life.

Put your faith in the power of prayer, it has change the fate of many, few were successful, but others were destroyed. Be the one who has faith in Allah’s doings. You might feel that life is completely upside down this time but one can always change this misery into a blessing by praying to Allah. Miracle of ZamZam is the real example of prayer. It was a power of mother’s prayer that we have this blessing water in the world.

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