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Performing ‘’Lesser Pilgrimage’’ is protected one from deficiency since they are there exclusively for the sake of Allah spending their time and wealth in completing the deed. The great reward is established to whoever performs the ‘Umrah on the Day of Friday’; this day is the “mother” of all days in the weak and the most virtuous. In the view of Allah, it has more importance than Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Ad’haa. Even the Muslim who passes away on that day, Allah protects that person from the punishment of the grave. Al-Hijaz tours are dedicated to offering a big chance to get the best Friday Umrah Packages deal. We aspire to satisfy all your wants and necessities to make your travel the most terrific in the best possible way. Make your time more special on that blessed day with us. Do not miss this ideal opportunity to perform your duty. Getting reliable Package with us saves you from many troubles and spending extra too.

Importance of the Day of Friday
‘’Jumah’’ is an essential day of the week for all Muslim nation. The honest meaning of that day is the congregation. On that day Muslims pray Jumah and for special prayer, particular instant is taken. For that day, it has many spiritual virtues and significances associated with it. Its prayer is compulsory for every man without only the child, sick, and slave. Muslims gathered in Masjid in order to perform Friday prayer. Significance of the day is declared in one of the hadith of the dearly loved Prophet (PBUH): “There is a time on this day and if a person gets it as performing Salat and asks anything from Allah, then Allah will absolutely accomplish his prayer and our last Prophet (PBUH) pointed out the briefness of that meticulous instant with his give away.” After expressive, the true meaning of Friday every Muslim wants to perform their religious act on this day with complete dignity.
Perform your recommended action on the big religious Day
‘’Minor Pilgrimage’’ is a grand Sunnah for all Muslims, which has been suggested by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). One can do it at any point of moment whenever you want throughout the year. Yet, it carries an exceptional reward if it performed on a big day of the week ‘’Jumah’’. In the blessed Day of ‘’Jumah’’, the reward of performing this recommended action is equal to that of performing Hajj. It is the most valuable day than any further day of the week as rewards are amplified on this blessed day. Umrah also is an admiring prayer; hence it must be performed with complete devotion and concentration to Allah. Book your Holy package on the big day of the week ‘’Jumah’’ and get the big reward from Allah. This is the ideal time for Muslim to perform their act and get the countless blessing that every Muslim want. Here at ‘’Al-Hijaz tours’’ only the travel agents who are providing the lifetime memorable chance with its amazing Umrah packages that suit on every traveler needs. We assure you that this trip is the lifetime memorable journey for every Muslim.
Need Umrah Package?
Performing the most recommended act is a dream of every true Muslim and Al-Hijaz tours makes sure that you avail the best Friday Umrah Packages with a lot of necessary services and facilities. Instead of upsetting about the Visa procedure and fee, cheap flight ticket for your travel, a convenient accommodation with maximum closeness to sacred places and planning trip to sacred sites; just allow us to do our job and offer you with the best Package anytime. With many years of experience and efficient supervisor, we guarantee that your spiritual tour is as suitable as possible and you contain nothing to focus apart from for your act. Whether you’re searching for an economy deal or a high-quality deal where you’ll be accommodated in admirable hotels then this is the right option for you. With our selection of tailored packages, you can decide one according to your necessities. To make your religious travel more suitable, our office at the United Kingdom welcomes you as a visitor of Allah, with modified service 24/7 by a dedicated team.
Our main intention:
The initial goal and real motive of ‘’’’ is a complete satisfaction of our customer. We want your divine travel experience to be relaxing, safe, and memorable. We’ve served several pilgrims outclass services all the way through their divine travel to Makah and Madina by our UK leading Umrah packages. You can get our service performance by our prior track proceedings and via asking our customer who has journeyed with us. Countless Holy pilgrims have advantaged with our amazing services every month in the year. We deal our customers with honesty, and we’re the most honest and reliable travel agency which serves the unique and complete services all the way through the stay of our customer in both cities Makah and Madina. Our 3 star, 4 stars and 5 star and customized packages can get any time however it is a desire of all Muslim to achieve this Holy act of performing ‘’lesser pilgrimage’’ as soon as probable. Our whole sacred travel is totally customer focused and all deals are tailor-made; we worth for your money and come again you the startling with complete fulfillment because customer happiness is our purpose.
What our success:
The success of our holy tour agency is based on happy and satisfied customers. Our agency has experts and professionals who present their proficient services to customers by offering super suitable packages as per their requirements. We’re eminent for our high-class deal provider, each month several Muslims pick us for gratifying their dream of performing the lesser pilgrimage. Our customer feels the comfort, relieve and pleasure with us, we assure that all time whenever you must assistance or guidance our specialist will be there to deliver you satisfactory information and reply to your questions. Throughout the blessed travel, you will get us helping and best.

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