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Umrah is not obligatory although it is the big Sunnah of our beloved prophet (PBUH) and it is mostly suggested is Islam for all Muslims. It also called ‘’lesser pilgrimage’’ You can perform it at any time whenever you want to do. There are sure benefits associated with this act for travelers who make the voyage to the blessed city of Saudi Arabia a great way to complete their revered intention. It removes all our past sins and gives us a chance for forgiveness from Allah. Many pilgrims go for divine tours every year. Many of them decide the Islamic month of Ramadan to explore places such as Makah and Madina. There are a variety of online sites and travel agents who present tour packages with eye-catching deals. The agents have many special and broad facilities that can be selected from.

They are careful of more or less all the preparation and bookings of the holy journey. Al-Hijaz tours have a variety of packages that the clients can prefer from. These are wide-ranging of the tickets, accommodation bookings, passport process and visa stampings with a tour guide in the sacred places. Hajj and Umrah package can be booked for the collection of individuals. The sorts of the package the customer prefer to depend on the services they desire to avail. We have different sort of deals for groups and individual tourists. The packages present lots of facilities to create the journey easy and memorable. These deals are customizable and can be distorted as per obligation. In the course of these deals, the pilgrims can book the Umrah package by us. Particular deals such as Easter packages have low-cost pricing and other recommends. The traveler can choose for direct flights or relating flights as per their convenience and budget. These deals and offers are of number one quality with affordable pricing for the Muslims who are wishing for.
Our Packages for Groups
Al-Hijaz tours have a variety of packages for those who wish to journey in groups. These amazing packages are comprehensive of accommodation bookings, best flight, visa services, and the transport at the destination. The cost of our packages depends on a range of factors like a number of days you want to travel, people in the group, kind of hotels and rooms chosen and whether passport and visa services are necessary for all the members. Our cheap packages book 3, 4 and 5-star hotels room. The groups can pick double rooms, single rooms, family rooms, and suites as per your choice.
Special Packages for Individuals
Individuals the person is journey alone for Hajj & Umrah can prefer particular packages for themselves where a devoted package is designed as per their convenience and requirements. As well, if your desires, you can select to join a group. The services are the same as for traveler’s journey in groups. These contain luxury accommodation bookings in 3, 4 or 5-star hotels, passport and visa facilities, and food facility and also travel guide at Makah and Madina. For elderly citizens who are journey alone, we have a package with special necessities and guide can be booked. All our packages will choose a devoted assistant for the elderly individual who will assist throughout the journey .P food preferences can as well be set in these deals. If you want to add some more things in the package then inform our team they are always there for you.

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