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13 Nights – 4* Easter – Umrah Package 2019

  • Date: 14-04-19 Rtn 27-04-2019
  • 4 Sharing- £1175pp
  • 3 Sharing- £1275pp
  • 2 Sharing- £1395pp
  • Book now with a deposit of £500pp

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27 Days Shifting Hajj Package 2018

13 Nights – 5* Easter – Umrah Package 2019

  • Date: 14-04-19 Rtn 27-04-2019
  • 4 Sharing-£1375pp
  • 3 Sharing-£1475pp
  • 2 Sharing-£1595pp
  • Book now with a deposit of £500pp

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Make your occasion more memorable with Easter Umrah Package 2019

Celebrations, rituals and festivals are the attractions of life. These occasions create a happy and friendly environment that we all get tension free of our professional life. We enjoy days with our family. We see smiles on the faces of our children, while we play with them in our lawn. In these precious moments of our lives, if we travel to sacred pilgrimage then we will observe different colors of life. From all over the world people head towards Allah’s home, especially on occasions. They share their happiness with Almighty and thank him for their happy lives and countless blessings upon them. This increases the charm of life when we celebrate our rituals with the values of Islam.

For keeping alive this spirit of life, Alhijaz tours have presented Easter Umrah Packages 2019. This year Easter would be celebrated on the of April. Festivities always come with never stopping fun. Every company widens its offers and facilitates its customers. Mecca is the place where a Muslim always wishes to go but when it moves on special occasions the ratio of its happiness gets doubled.

In my last blog, I quoted a hadith where I described that reward of Umrah is equivalent to the reward of Hajj in the month of Ramadaan. If we discuss this hadith with the detail we find different opinions from different scholars of Islam. My point to discuss the same thing again is, keeping in mind all opinions with respect in my heart that I read of scholars; can we scale our reward in our happiness? This just the query came in my mind right now. If someone has the answer of then, please leave a comment on my blog.

I cannot claim about reward but I can say that when Easter would be celebrated with prayers in Mecca and with some tears in your eyes then you will definitely feel enlightened. Umrah and Hajj Packages 2019 by AlHijaz tours will help you to find the answer to my question. Then you will come to know why the Holy Prophet emphasized offering Umrah in the month of Ramadaan. The thing which I have understood is that festivity increases on occasions and many people visit Allah’s home for enjoying the vacations of their rituals to their maximum.

See the descriptions of 5 Star Easter Umrah Package 2019 and celebrate your coming Easter holidays by fulfilling your religious obligation. This package is affordable and you can avail its advantages to its maximum. The Muslims who are living in the UK are eagerly waiting for a call to perform Umrah. I agree, there always a call comes when you have to visit the House of Allah. But, sometimes we are so busy fulfilling routine tasks that we unconsciously neglect the call.

If you are reading this and you think that these packages are in your easy access then do not get late in buying your package. A few days before, I was having a conversation with my fruit seller. He taught me a thing that I will try to remember the whole of my life. He said that only those people are not free who are in prison and who are in hospitals remaining all are busy.

We have to take time out from our busy routine for fulfilling our religious obligations. This travel agency (the one I was talking about at the start of my article) is giving a tough competition to its competitors. It would be a wise selection if we buy quality at a reasonable price.