How to Perform Umrah?

One should be very well prepared before choosing any Cheap Umrah Tours for your Umrah. You should make sure to select a reliable and trustworthy travel agency. Homework is necessary for your spiritual journey as you should know about the obligations and rituals of your spiritual journey.

There are main rituals of Umrah:

  1. Ihram
  2. Tawaf
  3. Saee
  4. Tahalul

Significance and boundaries of Ihram

  • When you reach at the place of Meeqaat do Ghusl if possible and wear your Ihram. Do not wear any scents as it is not allowed.
  • For male it is a white clothing to cover your body. There is no specific dress code for females.
  • After wearing Ihram, perform Salatul Ihram and make intention (niyath) of Umrah.
  • Do read the books for duas of making intention and others.
  • Keep yourself busy with the Zikar until you reach the Masjid.
  • Enter with a right foot in the premises of Haram.
  • Recite Bismillah and Durood e Ibrahim.

Tawaf: Seven rounds around the Kaab

  • Before starting Tawaf man should cover their left shoulder with one end keeping right shoulder uncovered.
  • When you reach to Kaaba approach towards the black stone reciting Talbiyah then touch it with right hand and kiss it. If it’s impossible then you can do it by pointing towards it.
  • Then start your Tawaf reciting dua and third Kalima. In every round touch the Rukne yamani if possible and kiss Hajre Aswad or just point it towards.
  • Complete you seven rounds in the same manner.

Saee: Rounds of Al-Safa an Al-Mrarwa

  • • Stand on the mount of Al-Safa and recite dua and Durood sharif.
  • • Starting proceedings towards Al-Marwa. There are two sets of green light in Safa where men have to run (slow jogging) between these florescent green lights.
  • • When you reach Al-Marwa do the same dua you have done on Al-Safa mount.
  • • Complete the seven rounds in same manner and after this go to Mutaf and perform 2 rakkat.
  • • Then men should shave their head and women will cut part of hairs.

Tahalul: coming out of Ihram

  • Once you are done with all rituals come out of Ihram. Now there are no restrictions which were implemented during it.

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