Al Hijaz Tours Cheap Umrah Tour 2016 – Solutions to answer all your queries.

Do you have a plan to perform Umrah with your family including kids through  Cheap Umrah Tour 2016 UK? If yes, then Al Hijaz is the right place to fulfill your dream and have the blessings of Umrah with your family. Umrah is one of most important blessing for every Muslim after Hajj, all parents must make sure that love for all the rituals of Umrah is perpetrated in their children. Some people are reluctant to take their kids to Umrah while others make the old decision and take them to Umrah. Al Hijaz team put all their efforts to provide you the best and Cheap Umrah Tour 2016 UK which can help your family in enjoying their Umrah tour to its fullest.

During the Umrah, family needs to be separated during the activities at Masjid e Nabawi and Masjid Al Haram. Women have an additional duty to take care of the children while performing the obligations of Umrah. If they follow some simple tips, then it becomes easy for them to complete a rewarding and blissful journey and take care of their kids.Al Hijaz has special Cheap Umrah Tour 2016 UK which provide high class travel and stay experience for your family and kids.

Some of the tips which help you to perform Umrah with convenience when you have a family with you are:

  •  You must ensure that your kids are not accompanied by any kind of toys. You can take something if you have infants with you but don’t bring anything which can divert the attention of kids or become source of headache for other pilgrims.
  •  You find wheelchairs on rent and can make use of these wheel chairs to make sure that your children are seated conveniently.
  •  Make sure to plan your tour to sight-seeing places in order to let your family enjoy an amazing time at these historical places.
  •  Keep a bottle of water and other suitable eatables with you as hardships during the rituals can easily dehydrate children. You must make sure that you keep your children active.
  •  Shoes of family especially the kids can get lost easily. You must keep them in bag or sack. Make sure that you take care of all the belongings of your family in order to complete your Cheap Umrah Tour 2016 UK with perfection and convenience.

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