Cheap Umrah Packages to visit the Prophet’s Mosque in Madina.

After the migration of Muslims Madina and settling down there, Prophet (PBUH) felt a need of sacred space for them to worship. For this purpose a Mosque was built by Prophet himself and his companions. The new Mosque is bigger in size then the old city. It became like a small building dedicated for Muslims community. In starting the building was totally made of raw bricks and mud with the roof of trunk and branches of palm trees.  People do admire the beauty of Kaaba but they also can’t stay without admiring the Mosque. It is expanded several times from that time. During its first expansion its ventilation system was improved considering the weather of Madina. Following few expansion the house of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and Aisha (RA) was also incorporated in the Mosque.

The Green Dome

According to few resources dome over the grave of Prophet (PBUH) was built under the ruling of sultan Qalawoon. Before the green color it was painted in many other colors. It is also famous that there is an empty grave of Hazrat Isa (AS) as it is believed that he will return.

Riad ul Jannah

In a Mosque there is portion carpeted with green mats also known as the place from paradise and in one of the saying Muhammad (PBUH) said that a wish made here is never rejected by Allah.
The one who is visiting the Mosque should take care of few things, pray as much as you can and pay Salam to prophet and his companions buried there. Recite Quran. Try to keep yourself busy in worshiping rather than wasting time.

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