Journey from Cradle to Grave

A life came into being and pass different tenures of his/her life. He enjoy all the pleasures and get some experiences, he is tested by Allah on various occasions for his faith and believe. The one who believes pass the challenges of life and others just ignore them. Whole life is revolving around Allah; the loyal servants always try to seek forgiveness from the creator because they are humble. And God loves those who are not proud.Get the affection of Allah by choosing Cheap Umrah Package with Al Hijaz Tours.

Human life is just of few moments, you take all the pleasures of life without knowing that when it will. But we are sure that it has to end one day. Journey from cradle to grave should be around the one and only Allah the Almighty. He knows to value your high spirits and good intentions. So, get closer to him, repent on your sins as soon as possible. The journey you are living is going to end very soon. Time is limited but you will be rewarded if you have taken this whole journey with all good intentions.

Every day is another chance, trust on Allah, effort to achieve his affection and love. Try to keep peace among people and live your life with integrity because this is one and only thing which matters. Your honesty and generosity will help you reach high ranks of an honest servant.

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