Value of Social Justice in Islam

Other than all the fundamental features of Islam like taking Hajj or Best Umrah Tours, praying five times a day and fasting in Ramadan there is another social obligation which needs Muslim’s attention. Social justice is something that starts from home. How you perform your responsibilities, your duties towards your parents and other family members. Then your way of interacting with people you meet outside. Quran has taught us to be kind to your parents especially when they reach to an old age. They are dependent on you but don’t let them feel this way. Encourage them as they have done in your childhood and feed them because they have fed you despite of being hungry.

Helping and serving your neighbors and others you meet on the street is not only a religious duty but it is an act of humanity which should be done by everyone. How can someone sleep firmly when his/her neighbor is hungry? Passing a little smile to someone who is depressed is also a charity. We think that going on Best Umrah Tours from UK is sufficient for us being a Muslim but no it’s our obligation to serve the humanity in every possible way.

Wealth or knowledge whatever you got, Prophet (PBUH) has always advised to pass it on, share it with others because it increases your resources. Allah has created a man as a custodian of earth and being a custodian it’s my duty not to abuse anyone or anything. Social justice is all about being concerned to all social issues which are directly affecting your society. One must sustain to develop good relationship with everyone around.

So, do plan your Best Umrah Tours but don’t neglect your social obligations. You can also keep them even during your tour. Do the charities, help someone finding way, and interact with anyone who belongs to other regions or struggles.

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