A Brief overview of the Culture of Muslim Society

Anyone can stand up and say whatever about Islam without prior research. I won’t blame them who bash on Islam like this, though the world is facing some genuine problems regarding extremism. But why only Islam is blamed every time? It is not because people who are involved in these acts are Muslim, and it’s not even about someone is violating Islam through this. It’s all about Muslim itself, just look around and observe their daily routine, no exception in anyone’s life, people in business are making profits by fake promises, others are just supporting unlawful acts by keeping mum, have no faith in Allah and his wisdom.They say they have certain affection for Allah they do go for Best Umrah Tours London and Hajj but all their efforts of being a Muslim are just show off.

If you know that Islam is ultimately a complete life plan then why are neglecting it in our daily lives. There is nothing which depicts a real Muslim. They have zero tolerance towards someone else’s opinion, every other person wants to be heard by the whole world no matter they have something nice to say or not.

Our so called system is fulfilling their own needs instead of fulfilling responsibilities they have. All we talk about is benefit and profits, Muslims have no empathy for their fellow brothers. The culture which was introduced by Prophet (PBUH) was peaceful, kind and generous not only for Muslims but for everyone. Our systems and institutions have failed the criteria of being a Muslim. Muslim is not someone who destroys innocents just to keep himself on the higher ranks of the world. Muslim is someone who is taught to sacrifice, to be kind and help his fellows.  He is the one who is fair with everyone and knows his limits.

Choose Best Umrah Tours London with Al Hijaz Tours but be clear about your pure intentions, don’t just go so people can respect you because it is just a misuse of Islam.

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