6 Components of Faith

Belief of a human being is summed up in 6 articles of faith. While you are spending a quality time in holiest cities in luxury hotels choosing Best Umrah Tour, try to reach the depth of Islam. You can take few Islamic books with you so you can spend your time in better way. I am starting it with the fundamentals, though you already know them but little reconsideration is always helpful.

Oneness of God:

“Tawhid” is the fundamental part of Muslim faith. On a first not it is to be believed that Allah is one and he is the only who is worth of worship. He has the powers and we have to return to him one day.


Muslims have a faith in Messengers of Allah who were sent time after time to teach the world lessons of truthfulness.  And moreover accepting Muhammad (PBUH) is Last Prophet is also the part of faith.

Belief in his books:

Other than the last book Quran which completes the religion and was revealed on Muhammad (PBUH), there are 3 more books revealed on Mosa (AS), Dawood (AS) and Esa (AS). All books excluding Quran are distorted but Quran’s protection was promised by Allah.


We strongly believe that there are angels who 24 hours worship Allah and everyone is assigned the task by Allah. The first revelation of Quran was brought by the Gabriel.

Day of Judgment:

The ultimate destination of every human being is death. So we Muslims believe that world is the temporary place and the purpose of being here is to satisfy Allah and worship him.

Supremacy of Allah:

Allah is the one who has created this whole universe, solar system, moon, human beings and every creation we saw, we know, we are unaware is created by the only Allah.  It is the belief in his supremacy and divinity.

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