Leadership qualities gathered from the personality of Prophet (PBUH)

For leadership there are many examples we have to follow like Nelson Mandela, no doubt he is one the leaders who have a great part in revolutionary leadership. But in world’s history if we look back, there is a man who had all set all these examples for the world, the only person who came to change the world, showed a new path to people and told them truth. Yes this is one and only Muhammad (PBUH). He not only lead people with his aspiring personality but lived in hearts because of his kind attitude.

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He did what no one else could have done, he was forgiving, generous, grateful and kind and what makes him different from others leaders is his honesty and truthfulness. He was honest with everyone, in battles he told his companions to step back even if I die. And we have seen wars were lost because the leader died and soldiers gave up and surrendered. Even one of the battles in Islamic history battle of Uhud was lost because people didn’t follow the advice of Prophet (PBUH) and started gathering booty of war before the war ends.

Leaders don’t order anything they teach and good leader is someone whose own character doesn’t reflect anything against his word. He should be the man of his letter because he would be trusted for life.

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