Hajj Packages

Our Hajj packages offer 27, 21 and 17 days sojourns complete with direct flights, accommodations in Aziziya, 5 star hotel stays, transport services, food, coaching and guidance instructors, pre Hajj seminars and medical doctors for consultation.

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Umrah Packages

Al Hijaz offers Summer and Ramadan packages for Umrah. Experiencing Ramadan in the holy city offers a catharsis of the soul,an unparalleled joy which draws millions of Muslims to the Kaba each year. We make sure their stay is a pleasant one.

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Sacred Tours

Sacred Tour package, Al Hijaz's newest offering, gives you a chance to delve into the history of the holy lands of Jordon, Syria and Palestine. Tread the paths of the prophets, their predecessors and successors with some of our best tour guides.

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Worldwide Tours

Al Hijaz Tours also offer worldwide tours, to the most amazing places around the globe. Our staff is acclaimed for providing top notch service, setting higher standards of hospitality and striving to please.

At Al Hijaz international Tours we invite you on board for the most memorable trip of your life.