Guidelines for Hajj with Hajj Packages 2018

United Kingdom cities including London and Birmingham have an altogether different weather condition than Makkah and Madina. UK Muslims have to face intense eat during their tour and they need to carry the right clothing with comfortable footwear for a worry-free tour. Al Hijaz team not only provides the reliable 5-star Hajj packages 2019 but also offer the guidelines which help you throughout the tour.

Some of the guidelines are as follows:

  • Do not forget to eat and drink with the washed hands
  • There is hot weather in Makkah and Madina, but you should not drink icy drinks and cold water
  • Make sure that you don’t ace air conditioning if you have a sweaty body
  • Try to use more fruits and vegetables to keep you hydrated
  • Avoid using sub standard food items and always try to opt for the sealed and quality products
  • Drink milk specially pasteurized milk for keeping yourself fit and healthy
  • Use gloves and mask to stay germ free and avoid viral infections
  • Try to increase or maximize your water intake during the tough conditions of Hajj.

Experts of Al Hijaz tours have taken many pilgrims to the holy cities and we are making the arrangements for Hajj this year through our 5 Star Hajj packages 2019. You will get maximum support throughout your tour if you will travel through us as we believe in offering high quality services to our clients. 5 star hotel bookings will allow you to stay in the close locations of Haram and you can concentrate on your rituals perfectly. Al Hijaz offer support to all the clients in completing their Hajj journey without feeling any kind of worry. We understand that prices are important for many people and we try to keep prices in minimum range despite the top 5 star packages with extra ordinary arrangements.

We have made a good reputation in the last few years and we want to keep our reputation. If you deal with Al Hijaz, then you have the surety of everything managed by a professional team with the best and reliable services. Don’t worry about anything from visa, flight tickets, hotels and transfers as we are working to resolve all your worries by taking the complete burden on us. Try our Hajj services this year and we are sure that you will refer us to many other people.

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