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Welcome to Al-Hijaz Tours

For the journey of a lifetime, which begins with the donning of Ihram and culminates after complete supplication before the will of Allah, Al Hijaz Tours offers a wide array of travel plans. So if you are struggling with the question: How does one prepare to go for Hajj? Here is your answer:
You simply take a decision and let Al Hijaz do the planning! With two decades of experience lighting its way, Al Hijaz tours knows how to make your journey smooth, comfortable and a dream come true.
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The pilgrimage to Mekkah, Saudi Arabia is a life altering experience. We, at Al Hijaz Tours make sure there are no big or minor glitches

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Unlike Hajj, plans for Umrah can be made any time of the year except during the days of Hajj. While Hajj is mandatory once in a lifetime

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For an unforgettable journey to the center of earth, the holy city of Mekkah, contact Al Hijaz tours.For enquiries you can call