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For the journey of a lifetime, which begins with the donning of Ihram and culminates after complete supplication before the will of Allah, Al Hijaz Tours offers a wide array of travel plans. So if you are struggling with the question: How does one prepare to go for Hajj? Here is your answer:
You simply take a decision and let Al Hijaz do the planning! With two decades of experience lighting its way, Al Hijaz tours knows how to make your journey smooth, comfortable and a dream come true.
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hajj 2014

Hajj is the five pillars of Islam and itself regarded as a religious duty for every single Muslims to undertake Hajj all through his whole life. Hajj is kind of Muslim a ritual to worship Allah which has its roots in the time of Prophet Ibrahim Hajj is found in Mecca popularly known as Kaabah known as an Islamic center of worship dedicated to the mankind. A visit to Hajj 2014 is considered to be spiritual however the pilgrim should be financially and physically healthy to get to Makkah. Muslim from all over the globe, gathers at Mecca within the last few month of Muslim calendars to remove the negativity from their soul by worshiping Allah. Pilgrims who visits Mecca to do Hajj 2014 creates an expression of thankfulness, respect and acquires the divine blessings from the creator of the universe.
Simply Alhijaztours provides the best Packages for Hajj 2014 that’ll provide you exclusive package base on your requirements to make your journey a classic memorable one. Our Motivated staffs are always at your service to provide a simple yet effective service to plan your trip to Mecca, Medina as well as other religious destinations. At Alhijaztours we offered custom hajj travel packages to make your trip straightforward and will simply take every step to make your hajj journey more enjoyable. Pilgrims at Hajj 2014 believe by performing rituals in Mecca help them to overcome any obstacles they suffer during their whole life and get inspiration to promote bonding among Muslim brotherhood. Alhijaztours offers devotes the ultimate supply of value and supply spiritual significance to every individual Muslim who visits this holy city.
Alhijaztours is happy with its reputation as an expert Hajj 2014 supplier. We make an effort to provide our customers with a comfortable and enjoyable experience, allowing every pilgrim to pay attention to their Hajj.

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The pilgrimage to Mekkah, Saudi Arabia is a life altering experience. We, at Al Hijaz Tours make sure there are no big or minor glitches

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Unlike Hajj, plans for Umrah can be made any time of the year except during the days of Hajj. While Hajj is mandatory once in a lifetime

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For an unforgettable journey to the center of earth, the holy city of Mekkah, contact Al Hijaz tours.For enquiries you can call